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Ashoka Institute of Technology & Management

proudly presents

Abhyuday '17



The events at Abhyuday are divided in three sections.

Sports events

Feel your heart beat out harder in the adrenaline pumping sports events.

Technical events

You have a brain? Let's pick it.


These are the techinical societies of our college

Computer Science & Engineering

For the people who think 10 is equal to 2.

Civil Engineering

For the people who love to make.

Mechanical Engineering

Innovaters of the future.

Electrical Engineering

The people who bring power to the people, quite literally.

Electronics & Communications Engineering

Bringing the world closer.


Bioengineering at its best.

Department of Pharmacology

The people you can trust your lives with.

Department of Management

Dedicated to the people who make this festival possible.

Our leaders

"Imagine. Believe. Achieve."

Er. Ankit Maurya


"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard."

Mr. Amit Maurya

Vice Chairman